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My history

I was born in 1961 in Zhejiang Province, China. I stayed at my home town till 1978 when I enrolled into Tsinghua University in Beijing.

I graduated from Tsinghua University, in 1983 with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. After that I became a Dispatcher in the Power System Control Center of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, China. My work was dispatching the power grid and power plants in Zhejiang Province.

In 1987, I was transfered to Zhejiang Provincial Electric Power Bureau, Hangzhou, China, as a Clerk, and later as an Engineer, Deputy Section Chief and Section Chief (Senior Engineer). My work was the management of power utilization in Zhejiang Province, including Demand Side Management, power supply quota allocation, electricity demand forecast and providing instruction for improvement of equipment efficiency to electric power consumers.

In 1996, I came to Singapore. I joined in Viking Instrumentation Pte Ltd as a Service Engineeer. My works involved service, repairing, designing and installing of marine equipment, instrumentation and control onboard vessels and land-based project in Singapore and overseas, including power plant in Malaysia.

In 1998, I joined in Singapore Power International Pte Ltd as a Business Development Manager. I participated in the negotiations of 4X600MW Jiaxing Power Plant Phase II in Zhejiang Province, China, in Year 1999 and 2000. From December 1998 to February 1999, I was appointed as General Manager of a diesel engine power plant, Ningbo Gangci Power Plant Co., Ltd in Zhejiang Province, China. My works are for overall management of Ningbo Gangci Power Plant Co., Ltd.

From April 1999 to June 1999 and from July 2000 to March 2001, I was appointed as the General Manager of Kunshan Sing-Kun Cogeneration Co., Ltd in Jiangsu Province, China and in charge of overall management of Sing-Kun. During the period when I was the General Manager of Sing-Kun, I overcame all kinds of difficulties that Sing-Kun faced and I saved the company from death. By my effort, Sing-Kun was put into operation when it was even not able to pay its telephone bill in June 1999. Sing-Kun survived and generates positive cashflow since then.

From September 2000 to March 2003, I am appointed as General Manager of Singapower Development Pte Ltd and in charge of overall management of Singapower. During this period I completed sales of Singapower's interests in Nanjing Sing-Su Cogeneration Co., Ltd and Wuxi Sing-Yang Cogeneration Co., Ltd. I achieved recoupment of a few million USD of investments from those projects that Singapower had not achieved before.

From April 2003 to December 2003, I was employee of Singapower as the General Manager of the company. In May 2003, I achieved sale of Singapower's interest in Kunshan Sing-Kun Cogeneration Co., Ltd.

In December 2003, I joined in SembCorp Utilities Pte Ltd as Asset Management Manager and was appointed as Deputy General Manager cum Financial Controller of Qianan SembCorp Cogeneration Co., Ltd since 1 January 2004. In April 2006, I was posted to Shanghai as Manager (Business Development) of SembCorp Utilities Investment Management (Shanghai) Ltd. Again in December 2006, I was posted to Qianan SembCorp Cogeneration Co., Ltd as its Deputy General Manager. In April 2008, I returned Singapore and worked as a Manager (Group Asset Management) of Sembcorp Industries Ltd. Since July 2011, I am a Senior Manager (Group Asset Management), Sembcorp Industries Ltd.

Directorship:In the past:
1. Dec 1999-Jul 2001: Director, Nanjing Sing-Su Cogeneration Co., Ltd
2. Dec 1999-Oct 2000: Director, Singapower Development Pte Ltd
3. Dec 1999-May 2003: Director, Kunshan Sing-Kun Cogeneration Co., Ltd
4. Dec 1999-Dec 2003: Director, Wuxi Sing-Yang Cogeneration Co., Ltd

History of my investment in stock market

I commenced my investment in Shanghai stock market in 1992 with about RMB5,050. In 1996, before I came to Singapore, I withdrew from China stock market. From 1992 to 1996, my annual investment IRR in China stock market is 17.2%.

I commenced my investment in Singapore stock market in October 1998 when I bought 8,000 shares of NatSteel Electronics with SGD26,200. Later on I bought some other stocks, such as Ming Wah, JIT, Globa Tech, NatSteel Broadway, Sunway, TPV, Singamas, Sincer Watch, ASA Group, China AVOil, UniFood, Meiban, Swing Media, Jardine C&C, HG Metal, Singpu, ect. I got some profit from most of them and had loss with some of them. But for overal investment, I believe that my investment in stock market is successful. From 1998 to 2015, my annual investment IRR is higher than 30%.

I am willing to share my opinion of investment in stock market with you. I may update my recommendations on "Investment in stock market" page. I will post my recommendation of buy-list and my reasons for the list.

More about me

I like reading books and enjoy musics. Of course, I like investment in stock market. Also, I am eager to learn new knowledge.

I also do such things myself: cut my hair, recharge my watch battery, repair electric appliances, etc.

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