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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. I am Chen Yi, working as a Senior Manager in the department of Group Asset Management of Sembcorp Industries Ltd. Since 1983, I have been working in power industry for 30 years and in marine engineering for 2 years. I also have 21 years experiences of my personal investment in stock market sine 1992 in China stock market and Singapore stock market. As an individual investor in stock market, I believe my investment is fruitful. From 1992 to 1996, my annual investment IRR in China stock market is 17.2%. From 1998 to 2015, my annual investment IRR in Singapore stock market is higher than 30%. I believe the cost is the most important aspect for a company in most of time. I know how to save cost for a company and for myself. This makes me very confident that I am able to overcome difficulties when I face them. I saved a China joint venture company from death when it was even not able to pay its telephone bill.For investment in stock market, it is very impotant to identify those undervalued stocks. Then,you may buy and keep it until it is overvalued or fair-valued. In this website, you may find my resume, my contact, what I did, what I can do and other things about me. I am able to communicate both in English and Chinese.


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This website was set up on 3 October 2002.
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My stock recommendation list was updated on 30 September 2015:

The recommeded stocks are Chip Eng Seng, Sino Grandness, Sim Lian, Shanghai Turbo, KSH Holdings.

You may find a lot of my updates in my blog in Chinese.


My stock recommendation list

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